3 Parents, 1 Baby…New Canadian Law Is Game Changer

When a child is born, and parents are filling out the birth certificate, there are normally two lines; one for the mother and one for the father. But, it’s 2014 and family dynamics are not necessarily as black and white as two lines suggest. With so many different possible scenarios for what constitutes a family, a change in Canadian law now provides for multiple parents to be recognized as the legal parents of a child.

The couple always wanted the donor to be more than just a donor, and that’s exactly what they now have. The three spent time before the child was conceived writing up the parenting contract and making sure all three knew the roles they would play in their child’s life.

“Both of us, from the beginning, wanted to have a father that would actually be a participant,” said Wiley.

“I know a lot of other lesbian couples don’t want that. They want an anonymous donor. But both of us liked the idea of somebody who could actually be involved, and who could be a father figure to our children.”

Kangro, an old friend of Richards, seemed like the obvious choice.

“When Anna and Danielle approached me, I think instantly I thought I was going to say yes, even though I had to debate a lot of things in my head first,” said Kangro.

Before Della was conceived, the three started creating a written contract, outlining how their family would work.

Wiley and Richards would have custody of Della, as well as financial responsibility.

Kangro would be a guardian, with rights to access.

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