The path to a successful parenting partnership is not a simple one, and it can often feel confusing and frustrating. While friends are well-meaning, they may not always understand the issues and emotions that someone considering a parenting partnership is going through – which is why prospective and current parenting partners need to connect with people who understand their situation.

For these and many more reasons, FamilyByDesign has developed a true community for parenting partnerships, where both current and prospective parenting partners can communicate and share – not only their questions, but their ideas, concerns, best practices, cautionary tales, and stories of success.

Come be inspired by the sharing that’s taking place in our Town Square forums, and contribute your own thoughts to the dialogue about parenting partnerships. Pose a question to a member of our panel of expert professionals on parenting partnerships in our “Ask the Experts” column, or simply check out the tips they’ve provided to others going through a similar process. And gain important insights from the advice of “real-life” parenting partners, who are sharing their experiences in the “Ask the Co-Parents” column – or ask them a question of your own!