Australian State Government To Release Donor Info

doctor woman with cup for analysis

In what appears to be an ongoing trend throughout the world, the topic of anonymous sperm donor rights are once again making headlines, this time, in Australia. This isn’t as simple as releasing the records, what the Health Minister plans to establish a central, government-run register of donor records. This could set a new standard…

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Co-Parenting Topics to Discuss

Colleagues working together in office

Parenting partnerships, or co-parenting as it’s often referred to isn’t something we just decide we want to do one day and make happen overnight. There are so many variables to consider and discuss prior to entering into a non-romantic parenting relationship with someone else. From the basics of responsibility to the more complex issues of…

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Convicted Felon Sperm Donor Mix-up


Technology and security has improved drastically in last twenty years, but stories like the following still shouldn’t be taken lightly and for future parents looking to use a sperm bank, extra precautions should always be taken when using donor sperm. Imagine finding out 21 years after the birth of your child, that the sperm donor…

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Remember Playing Outside As A Kid?


  We came across an interesting op-ed recently that discussed the differences that children today and their parents have with regards to growing up. There was a time when most of us could go outside and well, play. Sure, we did stupid things, but we survived and learned, and moved on. Before a time of digital leashes, and…

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Three Legal Parents


Things are definitely changing and evolving within the United States. Little by little, court decisions are changing laws and in some states, it is now legal to have up to three parents for a child. There are  many instances where this type of scenario would work for some families, and in the case of parenting…

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Another Parenting Study?


We couldn’t resist posting this amazingly funny comedic piece from the New Yorker by Sarah Miller. There are a lot of parenting studies out there and there will continue to be plenty more. In the end, what’s right for you and your family will depend on you and your family. You might pick and choose what…

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When To Be A Hands Off Parent With Adult Kids


We came across this great blog from a mother of adult children who discusses her thoughts on when to stop being a hands on parent and instead watch from the sidelines. This article was originally published on Better After 50. By Felice Shapiro It turns out that my very odd upbringing ironically may have prepared me for…

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Europe’s Own Starbuck


Wow, didn’t actually think this kind of thing truly existed. In the US, the movie The Delivery Man was released after the Canadian version, Starbuck was a big hit with critics and fans alike. The movie centered around a man who donated sperm over 600 times in a short period of time and through a…

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Millennial Moms are Not Their Mothers

Happy mother and daughter

Each generation of parents are different from their predecessors, and when it comes to parenting styles, most new parents tend to develop their own methods and at times avoid some of the methods they grew up with at home. This couldn’t be more true with millennial moms. A recent study earlier this year from BabyCenter,…

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NY Bill Mandates Parenting Courses


Everyone can benefit from education, right? But what about parenting classes? Do they really work and who is to say how someone should parent? Everyone is unique and different and have their own perceptions on how to raise children. There are so many elements that could potentially affect a parenting style. The state of New…

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