Today Show Asks: Will Couple-Less Co-Parenting Take Off?


FamilyByDesign was featured on the Today Show yesterday, in a segment discussing parenting partnerships and the pros and cons of co-parenting. Following the segment, the Today show asked viewers to participate in an online poll: Will couple-less co-parenting take off? The poll as well as the video segment can be found here.

The interview also featured David Arrick and Heidi Sadowsky.  Arrick, a gay man, and Sadowsky, a single woman, had each always wanted to be parents and later decided to embark on parenthood together, as parenting partners.  Both stressed the necessity for meticulously planning prior to consenting to be co-parents. Getting to know your parenting partner and being open to unexpected events, which is pretty much standard in raising a child, was also stressed by the partners.

Darren Spedale, Founder of FamilyByDesign also offered his expertise on the show:

1. There must be a strong bond between the two people. It may take time to cultivate the relationship or it may be a couple who has known each other for a long time.

2. Taking time to understand how the parenting will work.

3. Learning to adapt and change the relationship after the child is born.


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