Florida Judge Recognizes 3-Parent Family

Yes, even Florida can show leadership in recognizing parenting partnerships! There was a groundbreaking case this week in Florida, in which a Miami-Dade judge legally recognized a three-parent family, with a single dad and a lesbian couple as the child’s three legal parents.

Florida is not the only state to have recognized three-parent families; other states have already done so, mainly via court rulings. California’s legislature approved recognition of multiple-parent families this year but the legislation was vetoed by the Governor.

It is great to see states recognizing the complex nature of today’s modern families – whether a single dad raising children with a lesbian couple, or a stepparent who has taken on the role of “real” parent along with the child’s biological parents, multiple-parent recognition provides greater legal security and protection for the modern families of today.

You can read more about the recent Florida decision here.

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