Possible Pregnancy After Menopause

New medical advancements might offer some women a second chance at becoming pregnant. Some women reach menopause much earlier in life, and are unable to become pregnant. Around 1 per cent of women suffer from a condition called primary ovarian insufficiency which brings on menopause at a very young age. Scientists have found a way to wake up dormant follicles, and the experimental technique has been tested on a group of infertile woman who reached menopause at around 3o years old.

Of the 13 women treated, one has given birth, and another is pregnant. There are overwhelmingly high numbers, but it sure proves that there are possibilities and with more research, numbers within trials could rise.

Until now the only option available to women with this form of infertility has been to accept IVF treatment using donor eggs, which means raising a child with another biological mother.

The researchers now plan to see if the technique can help other categories of women, including those affected by cancer treatment, and who become infertile between the ages of 40 to 45.

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