Some Inspiration For Future Moms

New moms get asked all the time by their non-mom friends, “What’s it like to be a mom?” We have all asked our new parent friends! The curiosity of hearing what they have to say, is intriguing to most. But is the feeling of “being a mom” describable? That’ also tough to answer, as many moms will have many thing to say about raising a child, and the ups and downs that come with the responsibility of being a parent.

What we do know is that being a mom is hard. Obviously, right? We also know that being a mom is rewarding and forms a inexplicable bond between mother and child. We came across a beautiful post online from a mother who took the time to describe what it’s like to be a mom, in her own unique way.


Being a mom is holding your newborn in the dead of night as she cries and cries and cries and you cry and cry and cry because you’ve done everything that you know to do, and she is still wailing. You feel like you’ve failed her. You feel like she hates you. You feel frustrated and miserable and heartbroken, so you just hold onto her and cry together because if you don’t, you will sink. She is your anchor.

Being a mom is beautiful. It’s your daughter coming up to you while you sit on the couch, holding both hands out to you and saying with a smile, “Come on, Mama. Let’s dance.” You scoop that girl up and twirl her around your living room, warm summer air blowing through your open windows, blinds drawn back. You laugh and spin and don’t care who is watching because in that moment, no one else matters but that girl in your arms.


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