A New Type of Tourism

A new type of tourism is emerging and it may surprise you. Apparently, according to research in Europe, egg donation is now one of the leading reasons why couples travel abroad. Couples are traveling to purchase eggs for fertility purposes. Some interesting statistics and figures of who the donors are and where they are from are detailed below.

European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) which surveyed 1,423 egg donors at 60 clinics in 11 European countries, has found that the majority of the donors are keen to help infertile couples for altruistic reasons, but a large proportion also do it for money.

The study found a significant effect of age on altruistic motives : 46% of the donors under 25 said altruism alone as their motive compared to 79% of those over 35; 12% of those under 25 were purely financially motivated compared to 1% of those older than 35.

Among the donor groups identified in the study population were students (18% in Spain, 16% Finland, 13% Czech Republic), unemployed (24% in Spain, 22% Ukraine, 17% Greece), fully employed (75% in Belgium, 70% Poland, 28% Spain) and single women (50% in Spain and Portugal, 30% Greece). – Original source found here. 

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