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Schooling question

  • May 31, 2016 5:20:17 PM EDT
    I just have a general question I can't seem to find a straight answer for anywhere online...

    First of all, I live in Michigan. I have physical custody of my daughter and share joint legal custody with her dad.
    Every other month she goes to visit him in Florida for two weeks (it's supposed to be every other month but, usually isn't because he does other things)

    She is starting preschool tomorrow and we are to split the cost 50/50, aside from child support.

    He is asking if I have to pay half of her going to "school" (Gymboree) in Florida while she is with him for two weeks. I'm thinking since her and I live in Michigan and I have physical custody of her, her school is here and Gymboree is an elective program, I have no reason to have to put any money towards it.

    She goes there to spend time with him, not be dropped off somewhere. If he chooses to drop her off there, he has to pay for it himself.

    Any ideas???