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Visiting a Counselor

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    October 25, 2012 8:24:04 PM EDT
    I'm wondering what "best practices" are for going to counseling with my prospective co-parent. I think it could be helpful for both of us to spend some time talking through the issues with a third party before starting the process of getting pregnant.  Does anyone else have any experience with pre-pregnancy counseling?
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    October 28, 2012 8:53:19 PM EDT
    I think its incredibly important. Having a neutral 3rd party in the room can help get you and your parenting partner talking about things you might have been reluctant to discuss one on one - or maybe may not have thought to discuss.
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    January 7, 2013 8:48:16 PM EST
    A friend of mine works as a fertility counselor here in LA - she sees a lot of infertile couples, and says that the counseling really helps a lot of them. Apparently depression is one of the major factors that many older would-be moms are dealing with (maybe would-be dads too).
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    February 28, 2024 9:29:24 PM EST
    Psychological preparation before pregnancy is crucial for both partners. It involves addressing fears, expectations, and communication about parenthood. This proactive approach fosters emotional readiness, reducing stress and enhancing the overall experience of conception and pregnancy.[url=]PM kisan status[/url]
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