Heidi Sadowsky

Dear Heidi: Was there something specific that made you “pull the trigger” on co-parenting and stop waiting for Mr. Right?

In the past, I thought I would activate my “back-up” plan at the age of 36.  When I turned 36, I still wasn’t in a serious relationship, but I was on the cusp of a major career change and didn’t think it was a good time to have a baby (and in the back of my mind, I was optimistic that I’d meet someone).

Fast forward to age 40…I was still not in a relationship but I had just finished school to become an RN and wanted to spend 1 year working to make sure I did the right thing.  One year later, I was fulfilled in my new career, still hadn’t met Mr. Right and heard my biological clock ticking so loud it kept me up at night.  I knew the time was right.  I’m still hopeful to meet someone, but figure I have the rest of my life for that.