Tim Croneberger

Dear Tim: Is your co-parenting schedule consistent, or does it vary depending on your co-parents’ needs?

Every co-parenting relationship will be different but for us, its a really fluid, ever changing schedule based on the three parents’ availability and needs.  Heather and Abbie are incredibly responsive to my needs- when I miss the kids and want to come for dinner or take Tommy for the afternoon to the park and to lunch,  they always make it happen- without fail.  They also ask me to babysit for them which I love doing- being able to read Tommy a book and put him to bed.

Spending one on one time with both of them is really special for me.  We always have our “Dadurdays”- days that Tommy and I spend together.  Sometimes they are overnights and sometimes its just for the day, but they are the most valuable time.  Soon Teo and I will have those times as well.  I think right now its really important to give Tommy some special attention as he navigates his role as big brother.  It’s tough for a 5 year old to suddenly not be the center of everyone’s universe so I’ve made sure that he knows there are times that are just for he and Daddy.  Bottom line is that it’s imperative that there is open communication when it comes to scheduling.  And being respectful of one another’s schedules, needs and wants.  So far this has worked out really well for us.