Psychological Info About Parenting Partnerships

One surprising find from FamilyByDesign’s research on parenting partnerships was that a significant percentage of parenting partners neglect to address the psychological considerations that come with having a child with a partner. For many parenting partners, the idea of receiving counseling as they began on the path towards having a child together was never even a consideration.

However, FamilyByDesign strongly believes that the time to first meet together with your chosen parenting partner is not after you become pregnant (or – for that matter – after the baby is born), but before pregnancy. This is the time to use psychological counseling as an opportunity to share your thoughts, feelings, and concerns – and to help ensure that neither parenting partner is missing signals being sent out by the other. Our information here will help you to address “best practices” for your psychological health and well-being – both before and after becoming pregnant.

What You Need To Know

The Pros and Cons of Co-Parenting as an Older Adult

While some younger adults (in their twenties) may consider co-parenting or a "known donor" relationship, the majority of adults considering a parenting partnership are in their thirties or perhaps their forties - or older! Given that the profile of the "modern family" tends to include older parents than its "traditional family" counterpart, more and more… read more »