Finding The Right Parenting Partner Match

Once you’ve made the decision to explore the possibility of a parenting partnership, finding the right match is a critical early step. In many ways, finding the right parenting partner is a lot like traditional “dating” – you’re looking to find someone with whom you “click” and with whom you can build a deep, lasting personal bond.

Finding the right parenting partner does not happen overnight – you need to be prepared to spend a significant amount of time in the “dating” process – both to find some promising matches, and then to spend time developing a meaningful personal relationship with them before going down the process of having a child together. The co-parent “dating” process can easily take upwards of several months – or even a year or longer. Given that you’re signing yourself up for a lifetime relationship with your parenting partner, we think it’s worth the effort!

Fortunately, FamilyByDesign is here to give you some guidance and tips on the “dating” process. And once you feel ready to jump in, head over to our “Find” Section to get to work in finding your ideal parenting partner!

What You Need To Know

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