Verify Your Member Profile

At FamilyByDesign, we recognize that you’re putting yourself “out there” in order to find the right parenting partner. Given the intimate bond you are seeking to create with a parenting partner, honesty and truthfulness between parenting partners is an important part of the matching process.

To create more comfort with prospective parenting partners – and thereby, we hope, more openness in the communication process – we strongly recommend that members of FamilyByDesign verify their profile, to confirm some basic information that you have provided about yourself for others on the site. Profiles on our site marked as a “Verified Member” means that the member has self-provided information to confirm their:

  • Profile photos (i.e., the profile photos are actually that of the member)
  • Age
  • Personal identity (this information shall not be shared with members or appear on your profile)

We believe that verifying your profile is a helpful way to let other members know that “you are who you say you are”.  However, regardless of whether a member has verified their profile with us, we strongly encourage you to read and follow the Safety Tips for Co-Parent “Dating” information that we have provided on our site.

VERIFY YOUR PROFILE NOW: In order to verify your profile, please (1) enter your FamilyByDesign member name in the text box below; (2) upload a copy of either your government-issued Driver’s License OR the page of your passport which contains your photo; and (3) click the “submit” button.  We will review and confirm your submission, and then mark your profile as a “Verified Member”.