How Our Matching System Works

We have designed FamilyByDesign’s parenting partner matching technology to provide multiple methods which you can explore to meet the right parenting partner for you. Our co-parent matching / sperm donor matching system uses several paths to help you find your match:

(1) Detailed profiles that go in-depth on your parenting views, co-parenting desires, and family structure preferences. Our profiles are designed not only to cover basic background information about your prospective parenting partner, but also to explore their views on:

  • How they would approach parenting issues such as a child’s education, religion, discipline, diet, and many other important parenting issues;
  • How they envision the sharing of parenting responsibilities, financial contributions, and other issues that need agreement between co-parents;
  • How they would ideally structure their family relationship in terms of residence preferences, location/distance preferences, and similar questions

(2) A sophisticated “Compatibility Survey” which asks questions designed to assess your compatibility with other prospective parenting partners on the site along several dimensions:

  • Your Match’s Values
  • Your Match’s Personality Characteristics
  • Your Match’s Lifestyle Habits
  • Your Match’s Views on Parenting and How to Parent a Child
  • Your Match’s Views on Co-Parenting and the Parenting Partner Relationship

Our compatibility survey uses a proprietary algorithm to determine your compatibility with other prospective parenting partners along these lines as well as other inputs from your profile, and calculates a “Compatibility Score” based on your inputs and the inputs of the other prospective parenting partner.

Based on these calculations, FamilyByDesign then suggests highly-compatible matches with whom you should start a conversation!

(3) Detailed search options that allow you to conduct searches for prospective parenting partners along the lines of criteria that you designate, including physical characteristics, location, co-parenting preferences, and many more criteria.

(4) Filter and sorting capabilities that allow you to sort highly compatible matches by highest compatibility, distance, newest members, most recent login, and even alphabetically.

(5) A step-by-step guide to completing your profile to maximize your opportunities to meet the right partner.

(6) A “Favorites” option to allow you make note of prospective parenting partners you’d like to keep in touch with.

And much more!  Sign up today and get started in finding your parenting partner now.