Michael Doyle, MD

Egg Freezing Becoming Commonplace?

In a symbolic gesture that will be appreciated by many aspiring moms, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) announced in October that the technology for freezing women’s eggs is no longer considered “experimental”, and opened the door to the widespread use of egg freezing technologies.

There are many situations where egg freezing can be useful. For example, if a woman is younger and has no immediate plans to have a baby, she might want to “bank” some eggs for future use, essentially eliminating the biological clock fear. Or if a woman has to deal with an illness that requires removing an ovary or taking possibly “toxic” medications, she could first put some eggs “on hold” before undergoing treatment.

Certainly, egg freezing has become of much greater interest to many women over the last decade, particularly as they spend greater amounts of time focused on career building and other life experiences. This recent announcement from ASRM will certainly be welcomed by many women, who may decide to take a closer look at the possibility of egg freezing.

Michael Doyle, MD

Fertility Treatments for Parenting Partners – Working Too Well?

Fertility treatments have been a great help for many parenting partners, particularly those seeking to have children in the latter part of their 30s and beyond.  These treatments work for most people who need them, but – sometimes they work “too well”.  We see a growing number of everyday results of twins …and sometimes even more.

It certainly seems like multiple pregnancies are everywhere nowadays, and there is no doubt that the majority of these are the result of some kind of fertility treatment. Of course, many parents will want twins – and most parents seem to be able to deal with twins (though it is certainly a huge challenge), but triplets and beyond are enough to make us wonder … are we using fertility technology too much, or too aggressively?  Are we on the right path, or should we step back and slow it down?  How do you feel about technology and fertility?