Parenting Partner Matching Help

We at FamilyByDesign understand how challenging and complex the process of finding the right parenting partner can be.  (Many of us have been through this process ourselves!)  Therefore we’ve designed our matching site to provide you with the maximum opportunity to connect and share with others with a minimum of complexity. Our “What To Do Next” section and the “Complete Your Profile” link on the Matching Homepage will provide you with guidance and direction on next steps.

Below are some commonly asked questions regarding our parenting partnership matching process. You can also learn more about our unique and proprietary matching capabilities on our how we match parenting partners page. And if you have any additional questions, you should feel free to contact us at any time – we’re here to help!

How do I get started with finding the right match?

In order for the right match to find you, you should take some time up-front to THOUGHTFULLY FILL OUT YOUR PROFILE. We recognize that people want to “dive right in” in viewing profiles and connecting with others, but it will be to your benefit to spend some time early-on in giving your profile answers some thought, so that you attract (and connect with) prospective parenting partners whose interests, values, and outlook best align with yours.

You’ll be required to fill out the “My Basics” section in order to fully use the site, but to see what else needs completion you can click on the “Complete My Profile Now” link on the left column to see what you have left to finish.

What can I do to increase my chances of meeting the right partner?

First, as described above, take the time to COMPLETE YOUR PROFILE. You can always change your answers later if needed!

Second, UPLOAD SOME PHOTOS! While this is not a traditional dating site, its simply human nature that people will be more attracted to profiles where they can “visually connect” with the person behind the profile.  Statistics suggest that profiles with photos are up to 15 times more likely to get a response than those without. UPLOADING A SHORT VIDEO will make you even more “real” and approachable.

Third, TAKE THE INITIATIVE. Many people online are shy, and are waiting for someone else to contact them. If you run across a profile that sounds promising, go ahead and send them a nice message. Messages most likely to get a response go beyond just “hello” – ask people something about their profile that caught your eye!

How is the compatibility score determined?

We have developed a proprietary algorithm that reviews all aspects of your profile, weighs your responses accordingly, and compares it against the profiles of other members in order to offer suggestions of potential parenting partners whose profiles suggest high compatibility to yours. The more fully you’ve filled out our compatibility survey, the more accurate the compatibility score will be.

How do I view a member’s profile?

You can click on a profile name to see their profile, or if you have a specific username to search for, enter it in the search bar in the upper left corner of the webpage.

Profiles are divided into 4 sections.  “About Me” provides some basic information about you. “What I’m Looking For” describes what type of parenting partner you are seeking here online. “My Parenting Style” allows you to share your thoughts about how you would parent a child on a number of important subject areas.  And the “Compatibility Survey” will help you see how your values, personality, lifestyle, parenting style and co-parenting preferences compare with those of your prospective match.

What safety precautions should I consider when starting a dialogue with someone?

Please visit our safety tips page here.

I’ve met a prospective parenting partner on the site that I’m interested in getting to know better. What should I do next?

Visit our page on parenting partner “dating” for next steps you can take to get to know someone better.