Convicted Felon Sperm Donor Mix-up

Technology and security has improved drastically in last twenty years, but stories like the following still shouldn’t be taken lightly and for future parents looking to use a sperm bank, extra precautions should always be taken when using donor sperm. Imagine finding out 21 years after the birth of your child, that the sperm donor you originally opted to use was in fact replaced or accidentally switched with another donor. It’s not an ideal situation and can cause some serious trauma to the family, but in the end, if the child is healthy and happy, he or she is still your child. But now imagine that the donor sperm you used to conceive was from a convicted felon with a history of psychiactric problems. It kind of changes things a bit, doesn’t it?

That’s exactly what happened to one family. The felon was actually a worker at the clinic and a donor as well. A background check was not done during the time of his employment and sadly, the mystery of how the sperm was switched will never be known as the felon donor passed away from complications of alcoholism, another problematic and disturbing find. The clinic is no longer in operation and many of the supervisors from that era of his employment are also deceased. Representatives of the clinic have opted not to alert the families who were clients during the time of his employment, over 1000 families. A hotline has been set up for those who find out and want to proceed with next steps. Only five people from the era of his employment have had paternity tests, one resulting in again having a different sperm donor than originally thought. The donor was not the convicted felon, leading many to believe that the clinic was careless.

For more information on the specific events, click here.

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