Europe’s Own Starbuck

Wow, didn’t actually think this kind of thing truly existed. In the US, the movie The Delivery Man was released after the Canadian version, Starbuck was a big hit with critics and fans alike. The movie centered around a man who donated sperm over 600 times in a short period of time and through a mix up in the clinic, ended up being the biological father of over 500 children. In the movie, his sperm was apparently exremely virile, and apparently, extremely virile sperm is a very real thing.

A European man named Ed Houben has just fathered his 98th child. He considers himself a voluntary sperm donator, with one catch; he donates the sperm in the most traditional way imaginable, through intercourse. He has been helping single women, lesbian couples as well as heterosexual couples having fertility problems. Houben doesn’t draw up any contracts at this point as he depends on the goodness in those he helps. He also keeps a very legit spreadsheet of his offspring to prevent accidental interbreeding. In the movie version, the donor had no idea he was fathering so many children, but this real life Starbuck is 100% in the know as well as willing and able to continue helping those in need.

To read the entire BBC news piece, click here. 

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