NY Bill Mandates Parenting Courses

Everyone can benefit from education, right? But what about parenting classes? Do they really work and who is to say how someone should parent? Everyone is unique and different and have their own perceptions on how to raise children. There are so many elements that could potentially affect a parenting style. The state of New York is considering a new bill that would make parenting classes mandatory. The bill would also force employers to give employees paid time off to attend the classes and would potentially hold children back at the sixth grade level if parents have not completed their required courses.

Here’s the bill, which is a short read. Section 1, “Requires parents of elementary school children to attend a minimum of four parent support instruction programs prior to the child’s advancement to the seventh grade. Requires employers to provide one day per year of paid job leave for the purposes of attending such support instruction programs.”

Section 2, “Provides that the topic of one such workshop shall be related to the physical, emotional and sexual abuse of children.”

So what do you think? Imposing parenting classes on parents and holding kids back if parents refuse to attend. State-run parenting classes. Just the sound of that makes us cringe at the thought of how efficient they would be. Do you think parents need parenting courses to properly raise their children? Tweet us and let us know. @FamilyByDesign

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