What Type of Parent Will You Be?

As children, we all most likely fantasized about being the “cool” parent or at least being the complete opposite type of parent than our own parents. Of course, these childhood thoughts were purely fictional and the truth is, most of us learned the basics of parenting from our parents, family members or friends. It’s also possible that we realized later in life that our parents were not as bad as we had imagined. So now it’s your turn to be a parent. What type of parent will you be?

Our friends that are already moms and dads all have different parenting styles and techniques. Some we agree with or respond better to than others. Some new parents take the kind approach of never using the word, “no.” Others are a lot stricter in their discipline. Some insist on their babies only eating organic. Television is outlawed for some, while for others, it’s a tool for education. There are many resources out there for parenting, but the truth is, we are all going to develop our own natural parenting style.

Having a point of reference is of course a good starting point. With a plethora of options for parenting styles, it’s best to be open to learning and changing whatever technique you decide is best for your new family. And don’t be so hard on yourself if after a few attempts at your parenting style, you realize it’s not for you and it needs to be modified. Having a child is a process of trial and error. Instead of being so focused on being the “perfect” parent in your own eyes, focus on just being a parent first and foremost, and put the needs of your child first.

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