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Known Donor Agmt while married w/o spouse´s consent?

  • Anonymous
    February 13, 2013 6:19:09 PM EST
    My husband is unwilling to go through fertility counseling or treatments with me although we have only conceived once together some years ago. I am not willing to have an affair or extramarital intercourse to become pregnant , but I also do not want to lose any further years of trying for a second child. I would appreciate answers being limited to the following questions, rather than debating whether a wife should pursue a pregnancy without her husband´s support. Thank you for any insights.

    1. Is it legally possible to enter into a Known Donor arrangement while legally married without your spouse (husband) being a party to the agreement?
    2. If a birth occurred, how would the birth certificate be handled? Is that defined in the agreement with the Known Donor or do state laws establish the requirements? Obviously, I would not expect my husband to sign the birth certificate as the father if our marriage survived this choice. Though, if he chose to and the Known Donor was in agreement, is that even a legal option?