Drop Dead Diva Adds a Baby

Another hit television show is bringing a “non-tradional” or “modern family” vibe to the series. Drop Dead Diva, on the Lifetime network is exploring the possible new character addition to the show in the form of a baby. Lead character Stacy is ready for a child but not married, or in a relationship, but is ready to be a mom. It’s already been teased that the character will be inviting ex-boyfriends, some of which she is still friends with to a “donor party.” It’s unknown yet if she is just looking for a one-time donation or a possible parenting partnership situation.

This isn’t the first time hit shows are writing these kinds of topics into the story lines, opening them up for nationwide discussion. Parenting partnerships, co-parenting, known sperm-donors, surrogacy, anonymous sperm donors, etc, among other subjects are already widely common across our country and aren’t really that “out there,” but for some in our country, these options are not really known about or discussed as much. That’s why having them being a feature storyline on a television show is great news, and shows that progression and the spread of important knowledge is well on its way.

More information on the show can be found by clicking here.

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